The following people, along with a number of anonymous supporters, made the first edition of Halo a reality.

A warm thank you to all of the backers on and special thanks to those who assisted with production, editing, design, typography and reference imagery.


 Elyse Ash   Rich Allegro   Christine Aubrey   JP Auclair   Jennifer Boivin   Mark B.   Keith Braselton    Adam Buynicki   Jill C.   Patti Caputo   Linda Chamberlin   Deb & Dave Cloutier   Donna Cook   Nicholas Cormier   Rick Cormier   Richard & Shirley Cormier   Jennifer Cunningham   Donya D.   Jorge de Prado   Stacy Dodd   Matthew Duplessis   Mike Eglesia   Ian Fosso    Dave Foster   Laura Fuller   Adam Gaige   Rich Gallo   Tiffany Gay   Jacqueline Gelfuso   Robert Gelina   Pamela Gervais   Julie Gilberg   Michelle Giovaninni   Dennis G.   Taryn Graham   Sarah Haley   Jim Harrison   Susan Heitzenrater   Sean Hermany   Kelly Hess Henrikson    Michaela Hetzler   Amy Jensen   Jeeyun K.   Pamela K.   Kristin L.   Kim L.   Richard L.   Todd L.   Eric Mancini   Diane & Eva Martonis  Vince & Joanne Martonis   Paula McLean   Kerry M.   Brian M.   Kimber Meletzke   Deborah Miller    Jessica Norris    David Orcutt    Missy Parks    Liesl Pawliw   Amber Pilotti-Riley   Jeff Prentice   Judy Q.   Kristen R.   Rachel Reda   Lauren Ricci-Warren   Whit Rigali   April R.   Brian Rondeau   Chris Rochon  Daryl & Kate St. Laurent   Dave St. Laurent   Dennis & Susan St. Laurent   Kathy & Rob St. Laurent    Norma St. Laurent    Debra Shingledecker   Dean & Anne Sotirakopoulos   Kara Sotirakopoulos   Erica Stanoch   Lindsey Taylor    Katherine T.   Grace Tilden   Sarah T.   Jeanell VanDusen   Kristi Warren   Adam W.   Martin Wurst